Valuing the professional relationships that I have nurtured over time is at the core of how I do business. Whether that be the client or work colleague, I always try to make the process as effective and enjoyable as possible. Here is what folks are saying…

Edward McDonnell
Managing Partner, MD+A Consultants

We enlisted Damian as the creative director for the Canadians for Equal Marriage campaign with the challenging goal of branding a campaign that needed to build grassroots support and energize a motivated base without marginalizing the issues or alienating the general public. Damian’s creative branding and design strategies helped us deliver an effective vehicle for fundraising and a focal point for coordinating a very public, and very effective campaign for social change. We certainly believe that the brand strategy and its effect on shaping the way messages were delivered was an important element in the success of the campaign.

Darcy Clarke
Senior UX Developer, Designer & Speaker

Damian was the Senior Designer when I worked for Calibre Design. His professional attitude and creative drive helped us create some amazing work for our clients. Not only did Damian mentor me to be a better agency professional but his talent, both in and outside of the workplace, is something I’ve continued to aspire to. Damian is an extremely gifted designer who I’ve had the privilege to work with over these past 3 years.

Denisse Rudich
Director at IED Engineering

I hired Damian to create the branding for an electrical engineering firm and his work was superlative. From the initial logo design, he created the company’s business cards, website template, stationary template and even a van logo and staff uniforms. I have found Damian to be highly professional with a unique and innovative vision that manages to create tangible and beautiful results from elusive client ideas.

Natalia del Arbol, CNP
Principle and Nutritional Consultant at Happy Tummy

I enlisted in the help of Damian when I started the company, He worked closely with me to understand my needs and decipher the true identity behind my “feeling” for the company. I was absolutely delighted with Mr Salter’s professionalism, and with the process he guided me through as he built Happy Tummy’s logo, brand, identity and website to specifications that I alone couldn’t have dreamed of, yet which matched the company’s needs perfectly.

Rick DeClute
Principle at DeClute Real Estate Inc.

Damian provided an end result beyond what we had expected or hoped for. He took what could have been a simple job to a level we had not anticipated giving design suggestions and direction that surpassed his promise. We will continue to hire Damian in the future and recommend him unreservedly.

Ryan Booth
Senior Designer, Zulu Alpha Kilo Inc.

One of my first coworkers when I began my career, Damian set a great example when it came to creativity and work ethic and I definitely learned a lot about design from him. Outside of his abilities, Damian is intelligent, funny and an overall great person to work with. I would definitely recommend Damian as a thoughtful, creative designer.

Edward McDonnell
Managing Partner, MD+A Consultants

We have worked with Damian on a number of projects with clients from the non-profit sector, and entrusted him with our own brand redesign. Damian’s work for us demonstrated a strong understanding of his clients’ objectives and delivered brand strategies that effectively communicated the corporate vision through clear and effective visual directions.

Karen Goodbody
Director at FireDrake

Damian’s work has been outstanding throughout the years – he seems to be able to turn seemingly contradicting ideas (often from multiple individuals) into results that go above and beyond our expectations. Constant reinvention, he never delivers results using the same art style nor materials. Would recommend him to anyone wishing to outdo the competition!

Paul Cansdale
Sales at Colour Innovations

Damian has always been a hard working professional with a solid and reliable work ethic. A strong background in graphic design and web applications makes him a fabulous choice to move your most vital projects forward on a timely and cost effective basis.

Siying Wei
Web Designer at Calibre Design

Damian is the Senior Designer who’s talented and always gives me well thought out suggestions while I’m working with him. I have learned a lot from him, not only about the design profession, but he has also encouraged me to find the motivation and the passion to stay updated in the design industry.

Edward McDonnell
Managing Partner, MD+A Consultants

Damian’s work proved extremely valuable as part of a challenging project to create a distinct and refreshed identity for Women’s College Hospital as it separated from a partnership with Sunnybrook Hospital. Damian’s brand strategy effectively communicated this new institutional autonomy despite the political sensitivities associated with the split. Furthermore, Damian’s design allowed the website to communicate a focus on women’s health issues and services without feeling exclusionary. The client was very pleased with the new look-and-feel.

Chris Holbrook
Principle at Toronto Cannot Afford

Damian has exceptional client focus combined with ability to innovate creatively. His project management skills are a huge asset when it comes to team ventures.

Sasha Rusetskaya
UX designer at AppCentrica Inc.

I can say a lot of great things about Damian, but what truly distinguishes him from the rest of the creatives is the professional manner in which he approaches every project. Once he takes on a responsibility, there is nothing that would stop him from achieving the best possible solution. Damian is a wonderful co-worker and a well respected designer, with enough experience on his back to be seen as a true expert in his field.

Blair Witzel
Senior Consultant, MD+A Consultants

Damian has a keen ability to understand client needs and translate that into an exceptionally creative and communicative design.

Sandra Desautels
Director at Navigant Consulting

I hired Damian to create the Christmas cards for Inkster Group. Our card had to convey the unique character of our boutique forensic investigations group, be memorable to our national corporate clients, and professional. A brief meeting was all it took for Damian to translate a concept to paper and produce a card that clients still remember several years later. I strongly recommend him if you seek a quality, creative designer who understands the needs of corporate clients.